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"It will be so fun to see 400,000 Israelis stand in line outside banks and offices of credit card companies to complain that their cards had been stolen," he wrote. I used Remote File Inclusion, Local File Inclusion, SQL injection, Arbitrary File Upload, Oracle Padding Attack... But credit card companies said the leak was seriously padded—only about 15,000 numbers were valid. Our Customer Support and Moderation teams review all requests for reinstatement, and we process these along with all other support requests.In addition to our Terms of Service, we provide the following guidelines for all user conduct and content on our services.About five minutes later I was Skyping with 0x Omar, whose real name is Omar; a blustery teen who lives with his parents, likes Xbox, and really, really hates Israel. I have documents of Israeli companies who build jammers and military survellance.

On January 3rd, he hacked Israel's biggest sports website and posted a link to a file containing 400,000 Israeli credit card numbers. Israel kills Israeli innocent people, it's what their government do, it's their daily business, they do not obey any law, international law, so I want to harm them in ANY way I can How did you steal so many credit cards? It took me about 6 months to find targets and hack them. I'm currently talking with you from a VPS I purchased by Israeli cards.

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