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Dating my ludwig drums

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Badges were applied somewhat randomly with no real attention paid by Ludwig nor records kept of the numbers being used. The only one to pay attention to is Rick's (KCDrumdad's) publication which actually has some serious data behind it. It means there was a batch of badges with numbers on them that fell outside the normal progression of numbers.78 was around when the switch to 6 ply occurred so there could still be three plies from then as they used stuff up.There is an entire section devoted to Ludwig Drums, including the history of Ludwig Drums, drum badges, drum finishes and catalog pages on their snare drums as well as drum sets.As always, we are learning and researching and adding new items to this web site, like our rare and never seen Ludwig Factory Videos from 1964! Since we can't list it all here, our Vintage Drum Guide houses all the research and history on Ludwig Drums and that is the place to do more research!I also get people asking what factory a drum might have shipped from or the exact month a drum was made or even the production numbers etc.The ever important serial number which some companies keep detailed records of unfortunately does not exist in the history of drums.Unfortunately drum companies never really prescribed to any code of documenting a drum based on that serial number.

We can pretty acurately date Ludwig drums and Ludwig serial numbers are a big help, but not an exact science.

We also have to state that much of the record keeping was archaic at best and in some cases history was destroyed in plant fires or just tossed in the garbage! With that said many drum companies never even used serial numbers early on.

In most cases the best way to estimate the date of a drum is its physical characteristics.

Other special features like badges, shell plys and the interior finish all help in giving you a date range of your drums manufacture.

Please email us with any questions and let us know how we can help you and if you want an imediate answer then visit the Vintage Drum Forum and post a photo.